colorized my world

Rabu, 20 Januari 2010

because i need
more than black and white
im in between
the blur and unsigned
tak berarah , tak ada tujuan

my complex emotions

too fast to move
too fast to change
my moody, going bloody
from angry to happy

in the middle of the emotions
i've got a complex feeling
make it crusher
until being brag..
but i never meant to do that

in the end of the complex emotions
i have an okay situation
you always make me hanging on
until forever


its too early for dreaming
The only reason I have insomnia is because I hate nightmare.....
Keep alive is better than breathing without dreaming....
...Fight with reality and without duality
I guess, dream is the 1st thing about tomorrow....
Memories keeping you to step more carefully

U'll always start ur day with silent and dark...
.... but remember,
cloudy make u more survive...

That's not about fear of nightmare.. That's just make me feel better trough my day